Saturday, November 3, 2012

DVD Storage Shelf

We don't have cable or internet in our apartment - call us crazy - so we watch a LOT of dvds. We borrow, we Redbox, we search the $5 bins at walmart... but we always have dvds laying around. We quickly ran out of shelf space and outgrew crates and even piles on the floor. Too much! I searched Pinterest and looked for lots of different ideas that may support our ever-expanding collection. This was the one that was closest to what I thought we could use.

This one was made on the backside of closet doors, which we didn't have in our living space, but we do have some wall space and I have access to power tools. This felt do-able.

I got the materials and took them to the theatre, where I work/volunteer when i have time. I used 1"x6"x10' for the sides and the shelves, and one sheet of plywood for the backing. I thought about using it at it's full size, but I ended up shaving off about a food on the side so my total shelf was about 3' wide. I made the space between each shelf about 8" tall i believe - I wanted enough room to stick a finger in to pull a dvd out, but not much extra.
 We selected a Rust-oleum stain called "Cabernet". I liked the color and the name both. I had never actually stained any furniture myself, but I'd seen it done enough that I thought "surely I can handle that!" It was NOT too bad, really. Nick and I worked on it together, it took a little longer than I wanted, but after two coats I was done! 
(Picture below only has one coat on)
 Below is the shelf in the apartment, without the dvds on it yet.
 Shelf with our current dvds! (as of July. Our collection looks totally different now!)
It also makes a great place to store knick-knacks, candles, pictures.... some of those little things that i never have a place for! which is perfect.
Such a great investment for our apartment! It was really pretty easy and we look at it every day. I'm very proud of it!

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