Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lace Scarf

This was one of the very first things I found when I first became a Pinterest addict.  (see me on Pinterest here!)
however, the link to the post goes to some other page that has no post or suggestion on how to make this lovely thing! My style is very Grandma, as I so lovingly refer to myself, and this piece would be great to add to the mix for the winter months. I decided to take it upon myself to learn how to make it! (and thusly share with you!)

I had acquired a lace cardigan from Goodwill, which i had hoped to revamp and wear on its own, but it was just a little too off, too big, too frumpy, too ... not right. so I decided to use the cardi as material and cut it up!
[cardi, hanging on the back of a chair in my craft room. sorry i don't have a better 'before' picture!]
 To make the gray part of the shirt, I decided to use a white tshirt I had. The top of the shirt had a logo on it, and a stair from hair color, but the bottom half of the shirt was good! I just cut that sucker in half to make one big loop, cutting from just below the boobs off!
Then, I needed to splice in a lace piece to get the desired effect. I decided to cut one of the front panels off of the cardi. I cut it along the side seam, up to the armpit, and when I got to the armpit I cut a straight line to get a square piece. [see below]
Then I lined up my lace piece with my tshirt piece, which was longer, and i decided I needed to cut some off to make them the same length. 
Then I lined the pieces up inside out, and ran them through the sewing machine with white thread. The sewing part was easy!

And here's the finished product, via Instagram! (over my Beauty and the Beast tshirt!)
Part of me wishes I'd done it with a different color for the shirt, so the lace would stand out more, but it makes it easier to accessorize with an all-white scarf and makes the lace pop just a little! I'm really happy with my decision!


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