Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Just a quick post tonight. I am in charge of the bulletin board at work this quarter. My whole department is but I'm the only one who gets excited about this kind of thing. I took a few different ideas from Pinterest (of course!) to put it together.

I really like the cute and colorful paper pennants I've seen on Pinterest... something along these lines. I made some out of construction paper and white poster board, and wrote "trick or treat" on them w Sharpie. I taped some Dollar Tree twine on the back. Presto!

Then I decided to make a wreath too. I like the fun of Halloween but I don't like the scariness of it. I wanted to do a cute version for my bulletin board! I found an idea I liked by searching "trash bag wreath" on Pinterest (duh). Took me a while to find a tutorial but I did. (this isn't the exact one i used, but it'll get you pretty close!) For my wreath frame, I used a WIRE HANGER and pried it open to a circle, leaving the hook to hang it from!! Genius, huh! (found that idea HERE from one of my favorite blogs! Shout out to A Beautiful Mess!)

Instead of using trash bags (expensive!) I used a black plastic tablecloth! From the dollar tree. I cut it into about 1"x8" strips (hint: leave it folded!) and just tie them on. Then I made a bow from crepe paper.

I also used another plastic tablecloth as the backdrop on my bulletin board. I spray painted some twigs from my parents' yard black. And I printed out pictures from Halloween movies and put them around the bottom. Oh yeah, and a bag of cobwebs!!


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